Professional ​

I am a data scientist offering 6 years of experiences in industry and startups in Machine learning projects, applying a broad range of data analytics and machine learning techniques (e.g., clustering, classification, deep learning, pattern discovery, natural language processing…) for addressing a broad range of business problems


Machine learning, Data analysis, data visualization, statistics, experimental design

  • Python, Java, Apache Spark, SQL

  • Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio

  • interactive plots & analytics dashboards with Python

  • Deep learning, linear regression, logistic regression, classification trees, k-means clustering, hierarchical clustering, natural language processing, text mining


January 2017 – Present

Volunteer in the Zarrine-Afsar lab UofT
Research focus: implementing artificial intelligence by using deep learning and Machine learning to detect pediatric brain cancer 



December 2018 – Present

Senior Data scientist at AbacusNext 

The focus of work: using NLP and Deep learning to predict legal outcomes, case law research, automatic summarization and other business needs related to law firms 

January 2018- November 2018
Senior Data scientist at WondeurAi at CDL (Creative Destruction Lab) 

The focus of work: using machine learning to predict the price for the artist in the art market, and apply deep learning to predict the career path of artists 


April 2016- September 2017

Date scientist at custumerMatrix

The focus of work: Development of Machine learning algorithms (career path, job recognition, churn prediction …)
and dashboards to quickly visualize data, responsible for coming up with appropriate and novel metrics to measure product and feature success



September 2014- March 2016

Data Scientist at Covea finance asset management
The focus of work:  Conception and development of dashboard for Covea Finance information system (control over the quality of data, calculating the percentage of integration, estimated production crash) and Data analysis (cleaning, transforming, and modeling market data from bloomberg)

March 2013- Jan 2014

Data Scientist at EXPWAY – R&D
The focus of work:  Conception and development of an application for monitoring flow passing on a 4G network


November 2011 – March 2012

Master student at CNAM center for research and innovation 

CNAM (National Conservatory for Art and Craft) Center for Studies and Research in Computer Science and Communications A leading higher education and research institution, the CNAM was founded by Abbé Grégoire in 1794 in order to “perfect national industry”.
Research focus:  Research in cognitive computing and Iot, Development of the project “VIVA” paris 2030 live in paris with Alzheimer,
• Developed predictive models based on Alzheimer patients
• Implemented random forest and logistic regression technique, and  Extended the ontology vocabulary of FOAF to build a new ontology


September 2010 – April 2011

Teaching Assistant computer science Department – Mostaganem University

Focus of work: Teaching twice-weekly tutorials on the fundamentals of algorithms and artificial intelligence to undergraduate students

September 2008 – September 2010

Master student at Abdelhamid ibn badis laboratory of computer science

Research focus:  Research in Probabilistic topic models, web semantic, information retrieval
Develop an interactive application that allows to perform a search not more classical or mechanical (direct by keywords) but rather a semantic search exploiting the results of the model LDA themes in three information search patterns of which the extension of the query (query expansion).
Develop an application to visualise clustering and tag cloud
Research in topic modeling using LDA
• Research in semantic similarity with xml schema matching






PHD in medical biophysics, UofT 2020-present


Master’s in information system and Decision Science, Trium Sorbonne-Essec-Cnam                                                2012



Master’s in information systems engineering (valedictorian of my class), Abdelhamid ibn badis University    2010


Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Abdelhamid ibn badis University                                       2008